Woodbridge Financial/ Business Planner

Financial Relief

Tailored Dollars specializes in designing PERSONALIZED/COORDIANTED/INDEPENDENT AND COMPREHENSIVE financial plans to strategically formulate successful financial blueprints to individuals and families at any stage of their lives as well as businesses at any stage of their professional development  


a. Analyze current situation and set objectives
b. Prioritize objectives and develop an action plan
c. Implement action plan and periodically review for changes
d. Financial security and independence!!!

Individuals and families

  1. Your financial freedom begins by clarifying your present financial situation through our initial free of charge introductory meeting where we gather data to understand your dreams and how we can marshall our resources and expertise to make them a reality
  2. We will then generate your own PERSONALIZED/COORDINANTED/INDEPENDENT AND COMPREHENSIVE financial plan where we will explain the options available to you so that you can decide on the plan that is most SUITABLE for you.